How to Disassemble the iPaq H2200?

Answer The iPaq H2200 is a pocket PC smartphone that functions almost like a small computer. And just like a computer, it's possible for problems with the internal components to arise. If you have been ha... Read More »

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What does mah mean in iPAQ batteries?

The label of "mAh" on batteries means milliamp hours, which is a standard for rating electrical power. A 1,000-mAh battery is capable of providing one amp of energy for one hour before the battery ... Read More »

How to Completely Wipe an iPAQ?

Three ways exist to reset an HP iPAQ device: a soft reset, a hard reset and a clean reset. Both a soft reset and a hard reset of the device save at least some of your settings, but if you want to c... Read More »

How to Connect to Wireless With iPAQ?

Most HP iPAQ's are capable of surfing the Internet through their cellular carrier's wireless network. However, a problems with this is that phone carrier wireless speeds may not be to the level you... Read More »

How to Reset an HP iPaq Device?

There are two types of resets on a HP Ipaq. The first is a soft reset, which restarts the device, and quits all applications. A hard reset restores the device to factory defaults, erasing all data.