How to Disassemble a Car Door Panel?

Answer There are a multitude of reasons why a door panel has to be removed from a car. Window regulators, stereo speakers, window control module, power window motors and even having to replace a side-view... Read More »

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How to Disassemble a Dash Control Panel on a 1992 Toyota Pickup?

The dash control panel in your 1992 Toyota Pickup contains a lot of vital information needed when taking your vehicle on the road such as fuel level, speed, engine rpms and engine temperature. The ... Read More »

How thick is the panel in a flat panel door?

The flat panel in a cabinet door is usually one-fourth to one-half inch thick. Most door frames are three-quarters of an inch thick with a groove cut in the frame to receive the panel. It is struct... Read More »

How to Remove the Inside Door Panel of the Driver's Door in a Honda CR-V?

The inner door panels on the Honda CR-V serve several purposes. They cover the metal door, making it look nice, and protect the occupants from the sharp edges from the many access holes in the door... Read More »

How to Disassemble a Jeep Door?

Recognized for their distinct body designing, Jeep SUVs are off-road and military vehicles that are manufactured with a compact and boxy exterior. The doors and top are designed by Jeep to be disas... Read More »