How to Disarm a Criminal with a Handgun?

Answer Being attacked with a handgun is a frightening and dangerous experience. Unless you are fully and professionally trained, you should not attempt to disarm an opponent armed with a handgun. The advi... Read More »

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How to Practice Drills with Your Handgun?

Training and drills are the key to being fast in a tense situation. The training of individual movements makes you fast and consistent, and the drills will get you familiar with your own ability (s... Read More »

How to Conceal a Handgun With a Shoulder Holster?

Using a shoulder holster is among the most comfortable ways to carry a handgun. The shoulder rig distributes the weight of the weapon evenly across the user's back and virtually eliminates "printin... Read More »

Can you purchase a handgun legally with a military id in Alabama?

Military personel can purchase handguns in the state where they are stationed, if they can show paperwork proving they are stationed in that state. In other words, they must provide a copy of their... Read More »

What are NC laws for carrying a handgun with no permit?

Possibly, it may depend a lot on the severity and seriousness of the offense.