How to Disable the Spelling on an iPhone?

Answer The iPhone spell check feature helps you determine the proper spelling of words you are typing and allows you to correct mistakes. There is also an auto-correct feature that will automatically corr... Read More »

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How to Disable the Spelling Auto Correct Feature in Mac Os X Lion?

OS X Lion for Apple’s line of desktop and laptop computers borrows many features that were first introduced in iOS, the operating system for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. One of the best exam... Read More »

How do you default the spelling dictionary on the iPhone 4S?

Click settings then general then keyboard and it's up on the top

How do you disable your iPhone?

Set a passode and keep entering it wrong it will disable for 1 minute do it again then 5 minutes keep going up to 24 hours

How do you know if your iPhone is disable?

I dropped my iphone 4 in the toilet..clever. going to try the rice method