How to Disable the EGR on a GM?

Answer The exhaust gas recirculation valve, or EGR valve, in General Motors vehicles is part of the emission control system. This valve gathers a portion of the exhaust gas and redirects it back into the ... Read More »

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How to Disable WGA?

WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) is an anti-piracy software system created by Microsoft in order to enforce legitimate licensing practices on Windows XP and Windows Vista operating system users. The... Read More »

How Do I Disable Pop-Up Ads?

FirefoxLaunch Firefox. Click on the "Tools" drop-down menu and then click "Options." Click the "Content" tab. Place a check mark next to the "Block Pop-up Windows" option. Click "OK," and then clic... Read More »

How to Disable Mac AOL?

AOL Desktop is a software suite that runs on your Macintosh computer. The software includes a unique internet browser and AOL instant messenger. When you install the AOL package on your computer, A... Read More »

Can you disable 3d on a 3d tv?

I can't imagine you can. You can only watch 3D programming on a specified 3D channel on your cable/satellite service, so there would be no need to disable it. So essentially, if you don't want to w... Read More »