How to Disable the Brake Lights if You're Stuck in a Car Trunk?

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How to Replace the Brake Lights in the Trunk Lid of a 1996 BMW 328i?

The 1996 BMW 328i has a center brake light located just above the license plate at the top of the trunk. The center brake light, unlike taillights, illuminates only when you press on the brake. Lik... Read More »

Why are my brake lights stuck on?

While car electrical systems are notoriously complicated, the brake and lighting system is quite simple. There aren't too many opportunities for things to go wrong, making any problem generally eas... Read More »

How to Disable Brake Lights?

Automobiles are wired to switch on brake lights whenever someone pushes down on the brake pedal. This safety measure helps prevent rear-end collisions by signaling the driver behind you that your c... Read More »

How to Fix a Stuck Trunk Lock on a Car?

The trunk of your car has a separate locking system and mechanism than the rest of the locks and therefore must be dealt with differently. The lock itself, should it become stuck and refuse to unla... Read More »