How to Disable an Attacker?

Answer In the case of a fight, whether it's a street fight, sissy fight, or just a fun fight with a friend to see who's tougher, you will need to know how to defend and disable. This article will give you... Read More »

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How to Immobilize an Attacker Without Killing the Attacker?

AttackedUnfortunately, anyone can have the experience of being attacked. Although more rare than some news media let on, it can still be worthwhile to know how to handle an aggressor. While this in... Read More »

How to Get Away from an Attacker?

The idea of someone coming up from behind and attacking you is terrifying to think about. Nevertheless, it happens every day, mainly to the elderly, children and women because they are easier targe... Read More »

How to Outrun an Attacker?

The principal rule in self-defense is to engage only when necessary, as a last resort. As part of that rule, running away from an attack is your greatly preferred option rather than seeking to enga... Read More »

How to Fend off an Attacker?

This article is about ways to defend yourself in any situation, whether in a bar, at school, or on the street.