How to Disable a Macro in Microsoft Access?

Answer Microsoft Access 2010 macros perform a set of actions when triggered. You can trigger a macro several ways such as clicking a button, loading an object or exiting a window. But if that macro is obs... Read More »

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How to Assign a Macro to a Check Box in Microsoft Access?

Automate functions in your Microsoft Access database by creating and using macros. Instead of performing a set of actions manually, you can program a macro to run them for you. If you want to run a... Read More »

How to Run a Microsoft Access 2000 Application in Microsoft Access 2007?

Microsoft Access is a database creation program that has been included in every version of Microsoft Office since the early 1990s. One helpful feature of all new versions of Microsoft Access is tha... Read More »

How to Disable a Macro in Excel 2003?

While designed to be useful, macros in Microsoft Excel 2003 have dangerous potential. As software that works within the Excel application, macros help automate functions. However, the can contain ... Read More »

How to Disable One Macro in Excel 2003 Using the VBA?

Macros are snippets of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code that let a user automatically perform repetitive tasks by clicking a button or pressing a key combination. When certain macros are no... Read More »