How to Disable a DNS Router?

Answer A problem for many server hosts occurs when using their Dynamic IP address, which means their IP changes every so often. Many ISPs (Internet service providers) utilize this mechanism, and your serv... Read More »

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Is there a way to disable the wireless function on your router, if so how(I have Verizon Fios router)?

you can log into the router and turn off the wifi feature altogether..or make exceptions as to what devices can or cannot use a browser and type in or whatever yours is...chec... Read More »

How to Disable a 2Wire Router?

The 2Wire routers come with a full user-customizable router configuration menu accessed through any Web browser on a network-connected computer. One of the settings available for customizing inside... Read More »

How to Disable Router Firewall?

Disabling the firewall on a router can resolve conflicts caused when both the router's firewall and the operating system's firewall are turned on at the same time. In order for either firewall to f... Read More »

How to Disable a Router Connecting One Computer?

One of the purposes of a router is to allow a network of devices such as printers, computers and PDAs to access the Internet in order to view websites, check email or download files. However, if yo... Read More »