How to Disable Voice Dialing on an iPhone?

Answer This process is very simple to do. It only takes a few short steps to complete.

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How to Disable the Voice on a BlackBerry?

BlackBerry phones are well-known in the corporate world for their reliability. Like all phones, though, BlackBerrys have some features that can quickly turn into an annoyance. One such feature is v... Read More »

How to Disable Google Voice SMS Texts?

Google Voice, a phone forwarding VoIP service from Google, allows you to forward phone calls and SMS messages to any phone you register with the site. Google Voice SMS messages can be disabled, how... Read More »

How do I disable GPS on an iPhone?

Press the round button on the bottom of your iPhone's screen and slide your finger as indicated to unlock your iPhone. Press the "Settings" icon and then press the "General Option." Find the option... Read More »

How do you disable your iPhone?

Set a passode and keep entering it wrong it will disable for 1 minute do it again then 5 minutes keep going up to 24 hours