How to Disable TouchWiz on an Omnia?

Answer "TouchWiz" is the name of the user interface used by Samsung's Omnia II in place of the default Windows Mobile interface. Many customers find TouchWiz easier to use than Windows Mobile, but some pr... Read More »

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Is it possible to put Samsung's TouchWiz UI on a non-Samsung Android phone?

Generally, no, it's not possible to put the TouchWiz UI on another phone that isn't made by Samsung. Because some pieces of hardware requires the hardware that a normal Samsung phone that naturall... Read More »

Where to get headphones for a omnia?

no not really they're only like10 bucks tops at target

Can you use the Wi-Fi on the Omnia with Verizon?

The Samsung Omnia can access any in range Wi-Fi connection, whether a Verizon Internet line or not. You must enable the Wi-Fi access on the Samsung Omnia in the settings. Also, if the Wi-Fi connect... Read More »

How to Connect Omnia to Wi-Fi?

The Samsung Omnia is a Windows Mobile 6.1-based smartphone that features a touchscreen, 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, 3G video calling and MicroSD expansion slot. If you have a data... Read More »