How to Disable 'Lock This Computer' in Vista Premium?

Answer Windows Vista Home Premium and other editions of Windows have a Lock This Computer option users can access from the menu that appears when they press "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Delete" simultaneously. When... Read More »

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I have a New Computer with Window Vista Premium, I get a White Screen after I log-in, what is this ?

Vista, anyone know this on replacing the hard drive while running Vista Premium Upgrade?

Call in the man and let him fix it.I would be stumbling around in the dark, if I could explain.

How to Upgrade to Vista 64 Bit From 32 Bit OEM on Windows Vista Home Premium?

A 32-bit operating system, or OS, can't process more than 4GB of random access memory, or RAM. A 64-bit OS, however, breaks that 4GB barrier; Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit can process up to 8GB... Read More »

Can you upgrade vista home premium 32 bit to vista ultima 64 bit?

You cannot upgrade any 32-bit version of Windows Vista--or other Windows versions--to a 64-bit version. However, you can upgrade 32-bit Windows Vista Home Premium to 32-bit Vista Ultimate, or 64-bi... Read More »