How to Disable BIOS Memory Options?

Answer You may wish to disable BIOS memory options if you are experiencing performance issues or errors on your computer. BIOS stands for "basic input output system," and it controls settings for your har... Read More »

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How to Disable SATA in the BIOS for an HP Notebook?

When changing operating systems on an HP notebook, you may receive errors about a missing hard drive if you have a Serial ATA (SATA) hard drive. In order for your operating system to recognize and ... Read More »

How to Disable Wake on the LAN Server BIOS Settings?

Many computers include a BIOS setting that enables or disables "Wake on LAN." Wake on LAN (WOL) is a service that enables the laptop or desktop to be awakened from the energy-saving sleep mode with... Read More »

How to Disable an Onboard Graphics Card in BIOS?

If you're looking to add video processing power to your computer, you can't go wrong installing a premium graphics card. If you've been using an on-board (or "integrated") graphics card up until th... Read More »

How to Disable the Administrator Password on a Dell Latitude in BIOS?

The BIOS (Basic Input Output System) in your Dell Latitude is a set of start up procedures that reside on a freestanding chip in the computer. The BIOS starts up the various pieces of the Latitude'... Read More »