How to Direct a Movie for Under $10,000?

Answer This article will cover how to buy equipment, direct and make a movie for under $10,000. Filmmaking used to be a very expensive closed environment. You had to have connections in the industry or b... Read More »

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How to Direct a Movie Well?

Looking at the latest movie, wondering what gives a certain scene a certain touch? Well, I can't tell you I'll make you a super-star director, but I can help you get as good as you can.

I want to write and direct my own movie does anyone have any ideas on a type of movie i can write?

well, everybody is doing stuff where it turns out there r things we never knew about on earth etc. how about taking a different spin on it like something is just instantly there, it appears, and th... Read More »

Is twilight movie on direct tv?

the movie Twilight isn't on direct TV yet its not even on dish but, there probably going to start showing it soon because new moon just came out in theaters

How do you order a movie on direct tv pay per view?