How to Direct a Marching Band As a Drum Major?

Answer The position of drum major in a marching band involves field direction. The drum major either conducts from an upraised podium or marches in the lead position to demonstrate a constant tempo, or s... Read More »

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Marching Tenor Drum Tips?

Tenor drums play an important part of any marching band or drum corps. Tenor drums typically come in configurations of four to six drums, known as quads, quints and sextets. These combinations work... Read More »

How to Use a Snare Drum Marching Strap?

Marching bands are popular at sporting events, parades and at military functions. Band members must learn how to transport their instruments easily while still allowing the ability to effectively p... Read More »

How much does a marching bass drum weigh?

Different manufacturers make the bass drum out of different materials and use different hardware. It's hard to pinpoint an exact weight. There are also different sizes. Taking that all into conside... Read More »

How to March In Marching Band?

Being a member of a marching band is difficult. Marching while playing an instrument takes concentration and determination. Marching an 8 to 5 step size isn't easy, and fast tempos don't make it an... Read More »