How to Dig in Frozen Ground?

Answer Winter can be a cold affair for many states every year and our Northern states stay cold longer than others. If you have a project that will involve digging into the ground during the winter, you m... Read More »

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Can I grill frozen ground beef?

of course. They are the same thing, its just that YOU made the patties, not some machine.However, sometimes grilling burgers from frozen makes them shrink more than they would if thawed.

Have you ever gone slip sliding away on the frozen ground outside?

Redcorn has... Me drive to work many year ago... Christmas time seasons... Me drive into me reserved parky spot... very carefully because me know it icey outside.. It was right in front of a ce... Read More »

Can you ice skate on frozen in-ground swimming pools?

AnswerAbsolutely yes but please make sure the ice is thick enough and keep your skates away from the tile & coping stones. To make sure the ice is thick enough look at the colour. if it is nearly ... Read More »

Is it safe to eat Frozen Ground Beef(Unopened) if it is 6 months old Or should I just toss it?

That Sell By date was nullified as soon as you froze the meat. Even if it were freezer burned, it would be safe to eat; freezer burn merely affects the texture and flavor, not the safety. I've alre... Read More »