How to Dig a Grave?

Answer This article describes the process of digging a grave; while it is unlikely that you

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How to Get a Headstone for an Old Grave?

There are all types of reasons why an old grave has gone without a headstone. Family historians sometimes discover the location of a long lost ancestor's grave with no headstone. A bare gravesite m... Read More »

How to Make a Grave Cover?

A grave blanket is used to cover a grave site with flowers and evergreen during the winter months. Small grave blankets are sometimes draped over the headstone instead of placing them on the ground... Read More »

How to Secure a Grave Blanket?

Grave blankets or cemetery grave blankets are an attractive covering for the grave site. It is necessary to secure the grave blanket to the ground to prevent it from blowing away during heavy winds... Read More »

How to Find a Person's Grave?

No single organization contains a database of where every deceased person is buried. If you want to find a person's grave, first you'll need to know when and where they died. Begin your grave searc... Read More »