How to Dig Up Gladiolus Corms?

Answer Gladioluses produce tall spires covered with large colorful blooms ranging from pastel pinks, yellows and white to deep purple or red with a variety of shades in between. Blooming in mid to late su... Read More »

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How do I plant corms?

Site SelectionChoose the right site. Grow corms, or banana tubers, in an area that gets full sun and good drainage. Corms will rot and die in an area prone to puddling. Choose an area that is prote... Read More »

Do dahlias grow from bulbs or corms?

The term "bulb" can refer to tubers, corms, rhizomes, tuberous roots or true bulbs. Dahlias grow from tuberous roots. Buds, or eyes, at the top of the tuberous root produce the plant. The tuberous ... Read More »

Gladiolus Species?

Gladiolus is a family of approximately 250 to 300 flowering plants native to Europe, Asia and South Africa. Also called corn lilies and sword lilies, these flowers earned their Latin name of Gladio... Read More »

How much do gladiolus cost?

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