How to Diet and Keep Your Weight Under Control?

Answer Are you interested in losing those unwanted extra pounds? Are you tired of going on and off in your dieting efforts? Would you like to have your weight under control? If so, go on reading as this g... Read More »

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How to Keep Blood Sugar Levels under control and lose weight, prevent type 2 Diabetes and Insulin Resistance?

Although some people may inherit a predisposition to diabetes, their genes carry messages that must be expressed in order for the disease to develop. A healthy lifestyle that includes a low glycemi... Read More »

Is it possible to get your blood pressure under control with diet and exercise?

It depends on what your blood pressure is. If you are pre-hypertension (BP 120-139/80-89), then no drugs are needed and life style changes may help lower it. However, if you are stage 1 hypertensio... Read More »

How to Keep Your Stress Under Control?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with stress? Do people depend way too much on you, and you find yourself juggling duties? Relax, this is a way to keep your stress under control and to just enjoy y... Read More »

How to Keep Your Blood Sugar Levels Under Control to Be Healthy?

Blood sugar, or blood glucose, is the breakdown product of food that is digested and transferred to your bloodstream to be used for energy. When blood glucose levels are low, you may experience sym... Read More »