How to Dial in Line 6 Modeling Amp Sounds?

Answer If you are a good old fashioned tube amp type guitar player, saving sounds on a modeling guitar amp may seem to be a daunting task. How do you approach tone-building? How do you dial in that blues,... Read More »

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My phone-line has no dial tone.. has it been disconnected or is there something wrong with the line?

Around my parts (IL), all residences have a phone box attached to the outside of the residence; it's where the phone line comes into the house. If you have one, it should be labeled with the name ... Read More »

Im reading this paper that says "dial '7' to get an outside line. is that true do you NEED the 7?

It depends on the phone system you are using. Most I have seen use 9, but if the paper says 7, try it.n

I have no dial tone on my residential phone line?

Call customer service through someone else's phone or your cellphone.They might say its your problem. Some Wire maintenance stuff.If you want, you can go to the box. It should be gray. Plug a sliml... Read More »

How to Connect a Dell Inspiron 1564 to a Dial Up Line?

The Dell Inspiron 1564 has an Ethernet cord and wireless card for accessing the Internet. However, unlike older systems, this Dell model does not include a built-in dial-up modem. This may pose pro... Read More »