How to Diagram a Sentence with a Prepositional Phrase Acting as an Adjective?

Answer Sentence diagramming is a visual learning device for determining parts of speech. It is also useful as a self-check method for editing one's grammar. All writers, from a kindergarten student to a b... Read More »

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Is from the refrigerator a prepositional phrase?

Yes, the phrase from the refrigerator is a prepositional phrase.from is a preposition

What is the meaning of"prepositional phrase"?

According to MacMillan Dictionary, a prepositional phrase in the English language uses both a preposition and a noun or pronoun afterward, such as "into the forest." A preposition, like "on" or "in... Read More »

How to Make a Sentence Using an Adjective?

Adjectives can completely change the tone or feeling of any sentence by describing, or modifying, nouns. They can perform the simplest task, like telling how many of a certain item exists, or they ... Read More »

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