How to Diagnose and Replace a Failed PC Power Supply?

Answer When a PC power supply dies or begins to wear out, it must be replaced. With a few simple tools and the help of this guide, you can do this job yourself and save on expensive repair fees.

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What type of power supply connector is used to supply power to the floppy drive?

The power connectors for floppy drives come from the same four-wire bundle that powers all of the other internal IDE drives. Older 5.25" floppy drives connect via the standard four-socket D-shaped ... Read More »

How to Replace a Power Supply?

Sometimes when you upgrade your PC, you will find that current power supple isn’t powerful enough to support your new system. Always be safe rather than sorry, because if you get this wrong your ... Read More »

How to Replace a Power Supply on an iMac G5?

The power supply inside of an iMac G5 provides all of the power the computer needs to function properly. A defective power supply must be replaced or the G5 can suffer further damage, besides refus... Read More »

Will this power supply damage my Router or will the power supply go up in smoke?

12v to 5v that is to low it will not work properly.Probably enough to bring lights on but not to workThis will not harm the linksys so try if you wanthigher volts is the killer.Edit seen your ad... Read More »