How to Diagnose an Unconscious Injured Person?

Answer Finding an unconscious person or witnessing a person's collapse can be frightening. There are many conditions that can cause unconsciousness. Although a true diagnosis can only come from a qualifie... Read More »

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If someone is injured while working on someone else's rental home using that person's tools and the owner of the tools is covered only by liability insurance what are the injured person's options?

You will need to call your local Workers Compensation Commission and find out if there is anything you can do. In South Carolina you would have to be employed by this person and drawing a paycheck ... Read More »

Can an unconscious person turn over?

An unconscious person cannot willfully turn themselves over. However, an unconscious patient should be placed on their side in the recovery position, provided there is no clinical evidence of a ce... Read More »

Is a person convicted of impaired driving still covered for liability insurance when being sued by an injured person in the same vehicle in Canada?

file with your insurance company and they will deal with your neighbors insurance policy.

When you find a person who looks to be unconscious what dangers should you check for?

Perform a scene size-up upon entering the scene. Try to determine why the person is unconscious. Do you smell anything? Do you see any open canisters or containers that could alert you to a problem... Read More »