How to Diagnose a Universal Joint Problem?

Answer A universal joint allows a drive shaft on a vehicle to operate at constantly changing angles as the vehicle travels down the road. Rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive of all kinds have been using... Read More »

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How come so many doctors view temporomandibular joint dysfunction TMJ as a psychiatric problem when all it is is a jaw joint dislocation?

AnswerUnfortunatly not all doctors or dentist know enough about TMJ to come with the correct diagnosis.If a doctor tells you that you have psychiatric problems, the best thing is consult someone else.

How to Take Apart a Universal Joint?

A universal joint joins two moving parts such as the shafts of a car. The design of the joint allows for controlled movement of the shafts, which control the motion of the wheels. When a repair or ... Read More »

What is a universal joint in a car?

Unless your car has no suspension and the axle is welded to the frame, it has some sort of universal joint. These versatile connectors are used to allow straight drive shafts to bend from side to ... Read More »

How to Diagnose an Alignment Problem?

Though you cannot align your own wheels, there are several ways to determine if your car needs an alignment. Driving a car that's out of alignment will cause excessive and premature tire wear.