How to Diagnose a Dirty Mass Airflow Sensor?

Answer Mass airflow sensors (MAF) are air measuring sensors placed in the intake tract of an engine. The sensors measure air and adjust fuel and spark trim accordingly. When MAFs get dirty, they cannot ac... Read More »

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Can i drive without a mass airflow sensor?

A mass airflow sensor on a vehicle monitors the amount of air that is entering your engine's combustion chamber, which is required for the fuel to properly burn. While you can drive without a mass ... Read More »

Mass Airflow Sensor Cleaning?

The mass airflow sensor, or MAF, is a critical engine component that measures the amount of air entering the engine chamber and helps regulate the fuel-to-air ratio for optimal engine performance. ... Read More »

How to Install a Mass Airflow Sensor?

The mass air flow sensor is designed to measure the amount of air coming into your car's engine from the air filter. It sends that information to the car's engine control unit, which in turn regula... Read More »

Where is a mass airflow sensor in a Pontiac GFP?

Pop the hood on your Pontiac GFP car. Follow the large, black rubber hose coming from the right side of your engine to the air filter box. At the end of the hose, before the air filter box, the mas... Read More »