How to Diagnose Tonsillitis?

Answer Your tonsils line the back of your throat and help catch bacteria that you inhale, to prevent it from entering your body. Tonsillitis is an infection in the throat that primarily affects the tonsil... Read More »

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Have I got tonsillitis?

You have a throat infection. Go to your doctor and demand some antibiotics. Not the cheap kind either, the good kind.

Have I got tonsillitis (Pic)?

Looks like the Black Hole of Calcutta. You have a sore throat. With tonsillitis they swell up have white spots and hurt like hell.


You could try with Belladonna CH 30 (homeopathy) - it will cure you and nothing has to be removed . :-)

Do I have tonsillitis?

I had tonsilitis horrible in March of 2010. Yes I had all of the same symptoms, but mine got so bad it put me in the hospital! All I did was lay in bed and ice my throat for three days, no food and... Read More »