How to Diagnose Nosebleeds?

Answer Nose bleeds can a pain and sometimes be difficult to stop. There are many myths and misconceptions about nosebleeds that will be discussed in the tips section.

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Headaches fallowed by nosebleeds?

Someone with headaches and nose bleeds needs to seek help form a physcian immediately. This could be a significant sign of a pending CVA (Stroke).or signs of a front fractured skull

Sore in nostril and nosebleeds?

Your nasal passage might just be dry, and you might have a crack or cut that can't heal properly because it keeps opening up, causing it to bleed. If it feels like there is a crack or cut, you can ... Read More »

Why do I keep getting nosebleeds?

When you say 'keep' - over how long a period? If it's just over the last couple of days, it's probably that a tiny blood vessel was ruptured by something and is a bit weakened, so keeps breaking o... Read More »

Random nosebleeds And a headache?

Quit picking yer nose, dude. You're probably scratching the inside and causing it to bleed. That's probably the actual problem. Just blow your nose and you shouldn't 't have to worry about it.He... Read More »