How to Diagnose High Thyroid Levels in a Cat?

Answer Hyperthyroidism or high thyroid levels in a cat can keep your cat awake at night, howling, and behaving in a disrupted way. An overactive thyroid gland will cause your cat's bodily functions to be ... Read More »

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What Are the Signs & Symptoms of High Levels of Thyroid?

When the thyroid gland is over-productive, thyroid hormone levels skyrocket and cause a wide array of troublesome symptoms. Thyroid hormones include thyroxine (T4), triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroi... Read More »

The Effects of High Cholesterol Levels on Thyroid Cancers?

While there is a significant correlation between high levels of cholesterol and thyroid disease it cannot be said that elevated cholesterol, in any documented way, contributes to the growth of thyr... Read More »

Could I still have a thyroid problem if the thyroid levels are normal?

On One Hand: Thyroid Tests Are Not SubjectiveThyroid problems are a common issue among many people, especially as they age. A doctor who suspects thyroid problems will typically order a simple bloo... Read More »

Are high urea nitrogen levels indicative of high ammonia levels?

Disregarding the effects of some diseases or genetic disorders, high urea nitrogen levels may be directly indicative of high ammonia levels. Ammonia is toxic in the body and must be removed through... Read More »