How to Diagnose Duramax Engines?

Answer Duramax engines are usually found in large trucks like the 2001 Chevy and GMC models. These engines are basically V8 diesel engines built to carry heavy truck loads weighing more than 2,500 pounds.... Read More »

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About Duramax Diesel Engines?

Although some might dismiss the Duramax and its host GM trucks as dinosaurs of a more fuel-rich age, when conservation took a back seat, the fact is that these engines are among the most powerful, ... Read More »

How to Change the Battery in Duramax Diesel Engines?

The Duramax is a diesel engine for trucks made by General Motors. Removing and installing the battery is pretty much the same as in all vehicles. If you hear a clicking sound when you turn on your ... Read More »

What Is the Difference in Antifreeze for Deisel Engines&Gas Engines?

The basic difference between antifreeze in diesel engines and that used in gasoline engines is that diesel-formulated antifreeze contains a lower silicate content than gasoline-formulated antifreez... Read More »

What is the difference between marine engines&passenger car engines?

Some boat builders wonder why they cannot just use an automobile engine instead of a marine engine. The short answer is that, while the two are similar, the marine engine is built with much stronge... Read More »