How to Diagnose Asthma?

Answer While the diagnosis of asthma should be left to a medical professional, there are a few symptoms that you can be aware of.

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How do I diagnose asthma in infants?

Asthma blocks or constricts the body's airways. It is a common in children under 18; the majority develop symptoms by age 6 and some children have symptoms before their third birthday. Infants feel... Read More »

Asthma ......?

I have asthma, Steam makes me worse! I use vicks vaporub ointment. My mom used to rub it on my cheast and back, and then I would take deep breaths and inhale the fumes. It would make it easyer for ... Read More »

How to Use an Asthma Inhaler?

Do you have asthma? Or does your child have asthma? If so, you've read the paper inside your (or your child's) prescription. Is it difficult to read? Just read these simple and accurate directions ... Read More »

How to Use Aromatherapy for Asthma?

Aromatherapy can work as a natural way to relieve asthma symptoms, without the side effects that come with some prescribed medications. Some doctors warn that using aromatherapy during an asthma at... Read More »