How to Diagnose 1992 Honda Accord LX Transmission Problems?

Answer Rebuilding or replacing the transmission in your 1992 Honda Accord can cost thousands. It is a time consuming repair that causes many people to contemplate purchasing a new car rather than fixing ... Read More »

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How to Remove the Transmission in a 1992 Honda Accord?

If the transmission in the 1992 Honda Accord fails, you can have it rebuilt, install a used transmission, or purchase a brand-new transmission. If the planetary gears are bad, it is usually cheaper... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot Honda Accord Transmission Problems?

The Honda Accord is one of Honda's most reliable automobiles. The Accord's transmission is generally reliable, but not bulletproof. The automatic transmissions are typically more prone to failure t... Read More »

How to Diagnose a 97 Honda Accord?

If sold in the United States, a 1997 Honda Accord is equipped with a second generation On-Board Diagnostic system. The system itself is centered in the Accord's powertrain control module and runs a... Read More »

How to Diagnose Car Transmission Problems?

Few things on a car are as difficult to fix as the transmission, and home mechanics seldom take the job on themselves. If your car is suddenly grinding, slamming or just not going into gear it's pr... Read More »