How to Develop Your Spiritual CV?

Answer Once you realise you have a spiritual c.v. you will want to work on it.

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Spiritual Gifts vs. Spiritual Fruits?

Spiritual gifts are given to believers in Christ by the Holy Spirit. These gifts vary from person to person, but come from the same Spirit. Spiritual fruits, also called "fruits of the Spirit" are ... Read More »

How to Assess Your Spiritual Needs?

There is a link between spirituality and health, according to The HealthCare Chaplaincy. Spirituality often, but not always, corresponds with religious beliefs and practices. It is a state of mind ... Read More »

How to Dump Your Spiritual Rubbish?

Everyone has spiritual rubbish fouling up their mind.  Here is a way to rid yourself of it, very fast.

How to Discover Your Spiritual Identity?

What is your energy right now? Is it negative or positive, life-giving or life-taking? Just this simple recognition of the energy you are identifying with right now can lead you to an instant shift... Read More »