How to Develop Your Own Beliefs?

Answer Many people don't attend a specific place of worship, and/or don't follow a religion. These people often have trouble determining what they really believe in. Worry no more, help is here.

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Do your religious beliefs influence your views or feelings about adoption.?

That is a very interesting question.I was raised Christian, and heard the whole, "adoption is better than..." line. I think my views on a lot of things were shaped by my 16 years as a Christian.Th... Read More »

What are your beliefs?

~ Pro Feeding! breast or bottle, as long as babies are getting what they need! ~ Pro Sleeping! My bed, your bed, on the floor or hanging from a hook on the wall. If everyone is asleep and happ... Read More »

How to Defend Your Beliefs?

This article tells how to defend your religious beliefs. It was written for all the people out there who have been put down about their beliefs or their choices.

R&P: What are your religious beliefs?

YES SKYWALKER, SEE CLEARLY MY CHILD!BQ: NO. John Lennon was a scratty old lazy hippie, who sat in his bed 'to prove a point'. I stay in bed all Sunday, do I call it a protest? No, it's a hangover, ... Read More »