How to Develop Writing in Young Children?

Answer Perhaps one of the most important aspects of developing children's writing is to provide positive reinforcement for their efforts without regard to grammar and spelling errors. Let kids tackle inte... Read More »

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How to Develop Writing Skills in Young Learners?

Writing is a skill that children will use throughout their years of education and even into adulthood. So working with children to help them develop this skill while they are young will be a great ... Read More »

How to Teach Poetry Writing to Young Children?

Poetry has existed since before recorded history. Originally rhythm and rhyme in poetry helped people to memorize it before they could write poems down. (see reference 1) Poetry is a wonderful way ... Read More »

Do preschool children develop better than children whose mothers stay at home and raise them?

Okay - first - daycare is NOT preschool. Many daycares say they offer a preschool curriculum, but please don't' confuse the two.My children attended traditional preschool. 2 mornings a week at 3,... Read More »

Can young boys develop breast cancer?

No. Though almost 1 percent of breast cancer sufferers are men, their average age is 65. Teenage male breast cancer is nearly unheard of, much less preadolescent male breast cancer. Boys often deve... Read More »