How to Develop Trust With Your Short Sale Client?

Answer Seems almost too simple. Want to be taken seriously by your Short Sale client or customer? Be honest about their situation and tell the trust and nothing but the truth. The homeowners have been bea... Read More »

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What happens to a judgement balance in a real estate short sale in New York state. If there is no equity in the sale will the judgement be released?

In any state, Judgements are usually filed with a court. In order for the Judgement to be released, someone -- preferably the party that filed the Judgement -- must be satisfied before the Judgemen... Read More »

How to Develop a Culture of Trust?

Developing a culture of trust is important in environments where people must work and/or live together harmoniously. A family, educational institution and work environment are all examples of place... Read More »

What does short sale mean?

Short sales are designed to help a borrower avoid foreclosure on a home. Short sales are one choice borrowers should consider if they owe more on their mortgage than the property is worth and they ... Read More »

What does a short sale mean?

Short sale is a term used in real estate when a mortgage lender agrees to sell a house at a discount of the original mortgage price. The borrowing homeowner avoids foreclosure and all money from th... Read More »