How to Develop Story Ideas on War?

Answer Ideas for war stories become more than passing notions when they're developed into plots with time, places and characters. The strife surrounding war and battles often collides with the human eleme... Read More »

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How to Develop an Original Story for Fiction when You Are out of Ideas?

Exactly like giant trees grow out of a little seed, your fiction needs something to start from.This seed could be a simple sentence, a simple idea involving someone, or a concept.

How to Develop a Character for a Story?

Writers need characters to make their story complete. But where do those characters come from? You.

How to Develop a Plot for a Story?

No consensus exists among writers about how to develop a plot for a story. Charles Dickens began his novels by making a complete outline. As Dickens progressed through a novel's composition, he wou... Read More »

How to Develop Unique Story Characters?

Sometimes its so easy to focus on the story you're writing, and not the hero. But the hero is one of the main parts that you should be looking at!