How to Develop People Skills As a Passive Aggressive?

Answer The secret to surviving your tendency to being passive aggressive is being able to communicate, and that requires that you listen as well as talk, and see that passive aggressiveness is a poor copi... Read More »

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Since I have been diagnosed as Passive/Aggressive on here by someone?

Who would say such things? Tell me who they are and I will maul them.

How to Know When You Are Acting Passive Aggressive?

You usually know when you are acting passive aggressive. But if you really cannot tell that this is your modus operandi, here are some clues.

How to Stop Being Passive Aggressive?

Made Using InkscapeBeing passive aggressive is not, usually, a nice thing to do, and ultimately, will just cause resentment.

How to Manage Passive Aggressive Behavior?

If you have realized that this is exactly the spell you are under, then you need now to learn strategies to keep your peace of mind and manage the passive aggressive behaviors done to you. Being in... Read More »