How to Develop Child Creativity?

Answer A child's creativity starts with their method of thinking and problem solving. Daily challenges to expand their reasoning and understanding of the world, along with an encouraging environment allow... Read More »

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How to Develop Creativity in Preschool?

Creativity may be defined as the process of creating original ideas and using abstract thinking to find solutions to problems. Creativity in children can be measured by ideational fluency - the num... Read More »

If a person with a severe mental disorder raises a child, can that child develop the disorder?

Some disorders, like schizophrenia, are generic. Depression is also genetic, but can also be "situational", a response to trauma or environment. However, 2 children raised under the same conditions... Read More »

When does a child's tonsils develop?

Infants are born with Tonsils and Adenoids and they start out large in childhood (about 3-5 years) and shrink throughout your life. At about one month in a pregnancy the "Throat Pouches" begin to ... Read More »

How to Develop a Child's Self Esteem?

Developing a child's self esteem is important because it help them a lot in the future. this article will suggest ways to help you improve or develop a child's self esteem.