How to Develop Characters in Film?

Answer If you're creating a movie, commercial, short film, or just having fun with the camera, you need to know how to create believable characters that take on the traits you want them to. It's very simp... Read More »

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Favourite film characters who are involved with film?

Gil in Midnight in Paris (screenwriter)Barton Fink (screenwriter)Jeff Daniels in The Purple Rose of Cairo (character and actor)Ed WoodBQ- "the life of the mind" scene in Barton FinkBQ2- Fear & Loat... Read More »

How to Develop Characters?

So you're writing a story! Good for you! You might have a plot line by now, or maybe not. The point is you need characters in this story. Your own, original, amazing, memorable, character. One who ... Read More »

How to Develop Manga Characters?

Characters in Japanese manga are usually larger than life, representing extreme character traits and emotions that are reflected by their appearances, actions and expressions. Characters often driv... Read More »

How to Develop Unique Story Characters?

Sometimes its so easy to focus on the story you're writing, and not the hero. But the hero is one of the main parts that you should be looking at!