How to Dethatch?

Answer The accumulation of thatch in your lawn can pose a significant problem when you try to grow grass. Thatch, which is a woven layer of decay resistant stems, roots, rhizomes, and stolons, may prevent... Read More »

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How often should you dethatch?

On One Hand: Dethatching Frequency Depends on the Type of GrassDethatch when the lawn's thatch layer exceeds 1/2 inch in depth. Kentucky bluegrass, zoysia and Bermuda grass produce thatch quickly a... Read More »

How to Dethatch a Pasture?

Thatch, brown patchy spots in grass, builds up in lawns and pastures when grass clippings, roots and other debris pile up over time. Dethatching, or running a landscape rake or other tool over the ... Read More »

How do I dethatch grass?

Preparing Your LawnMow your lawn to about half its normal height. Water it enough that the soil is moistened.Dethatch with a Vertical MowerAdjust the settings on a vertical mower, usually available... Read More »

What does it mean to dethatch grass?

To dethatch grass is to remove the layer of roots, runners and stems on top of the soil. Dethatching allows air, water and fertilizer to reach the roots of growing grass. A manual dethatching rake ... Read More »

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