How to Determine the Strength of Laundry Bleach?

Answer Bleach is not a chemical that can be used on all types of surfaces. For example, there are certain fabrics and items of clothing that will get ruined if you use bleach along with the wash. Always c... Read More »

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How to Determine the Strength of Magnets?

Magnets are found in motors, dynamos, refrigerators, credit and debit cards, and electronic equipment, such as electric guitar pickups, stereo speakers, and computer hard drives. Magnets can be eit... Read More »

How much bleach should I use on this laundry?

Ohhhh how sweet of you! I'm very much enjoying the mental picture I have of you piratically and secksily doing laundry.I think one bottle should do it, darling...don't forget to add a full bottle o... Read More »

How do I use laundry bleach?

Bleach in the LaundryAdd a cup of bleach to your laundry to get rid of odors and stains in the clothing. If you have an older-model washing machine, add the water, detergent and clothing to wash. A... Read More »

How do I bleach laundry?

Read the washing instruction labels on each item going into the laundry. Sort bleach-safe items from non-bleach safe items. Bleach will damage silk, wool, spandex and leather. Cotton and synthetic ... Read More »