How to Determine the Ratio Between the Elements in a Compound?

Answer A compound is a combination or two or more elements held together by chemical bonds. Compounds can only be separated by chemical processes. Since chemicals are composed of different elements, deter... Read More »

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What Are the Elements of the Gross Profit Ratio?

Gross profit margin analysis is an essential tool for any business owner. This number compares your gross profit to your total income, telling you how much it costs to make a dollar worth of income... Read More »

How to Determine the Ratio Between Two Equations?

Sometimes, in Algebra II and Precalculus, you may be asked to find the ratio of one function to another. This essentially involves dividing one function by another, and factoring both to simplify t... Read More »

How to Determine a Yield Ratio?

A stock's dividend yield ratio, or dividend yield, is the percentage of a stock's share price it pays as cash dividends per share. Investing in stocks with a high dividend yield can help you grow y... Read More »

How to Determine Rear End Ratio?

The rear end (or rear axle) of rear-driven vehicles may be available with different axle ratios. If the vehicle will be towing a trailer, then a lower ratio may be desired. If economy is your aim, ... Read More »