How to Determine the Quality of a Mink Coat?

Answer Few things are more glamorous or opulent that a high quality mink coat. However, as the cost of real furs continues to climb and many people consider that fashion decision socially unacceptable, th... Read More »

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What is a ranch mink coat?

A mink is a semi-aquatic animal related to the weasel and that is highly prized for its fur. Minks live in the wild but they are also raised on farms or ranches. Ranch mink coats are made from ranc... Read More »

How to Fluff a Mink Coat?

Wearing a mink coat is one way to project a personal fashion statement, however, when the fur of your mink coat becomes crushed or matted, you lose the impact of the look you're going for. Rather t... Read More »

Mink Coat Styles?

Mink coats are created with soft and luxurious fur. They have been a status statement in the past and are still considered a luxury because of their expense. When buying your new mink coat, keep in... Read More »

How Do I Care for a Mink Coat?

With proper care, a high-quality mink coat can retain its luxurious beauty for many years. Most aspects of caring for mink fur coats are common sense, but such coats do require more care and attent... Read More »