How to Determine the Quality of Gold?

Answer Pure gold, or 24 karat gold, is soft and yellow. Gold quality is measured in karats. For example, 18 karat gold is 75 percent gold, 14 karat gold is 60 percent gold, 12 karat gold is 50 percent gol... Read More »

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How to Determine Product Sample Size to Determine Quality?

There is a methodology called "Acceptable Quality Level" (AQL) that can be easily applied to determine product sample size to determine quality. This method defines the number of samples that must ... Read More »

Is Italian gold better quality than American gold?

There is no difference between the quality of Italian and American gold, carat for carat. Eighteen and 14 carat gold are the most popular in Europe, whereas 14 and 10 karat are the most popular in ... Read More »

How do I determine the value of gold?

Find the current daily value for 1 oz. of gold. (See link under "Reference" for a Web page that lists gold's daily value.) Weigh the amount of gold you have in ounces. Multiply the number of ounces... Read More »

How do I determine laminate flooring quality?

Laminate Flooring Quality and RatingsDetermine the quality of any laminate floor by checking out its AC rating. Using industry standards originally set in Europe, AC ratings are given to laminate f... Read More »