How to Determine the Ordinal?

Answer If you are teaching children about ordinal numbers, you can practice organizing objects such as toys, fruit or photos into numerical order using ordinal category tags. This is a creative and practi... Read More »

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Is age nominal or ordinal?

Age is neither nominal nor ordinal because the former would indicate a qualitative aspect and the latter a ranking system. Age is, instead, a ratio scale because it has a meaningful zero (birth) an... Read More »

Ordinal Number Activities for Kindergarten?

Ordinal numbers are those which designate placement. They are usually similar to the numerical digits they represent. Children are aware of ordinal numbers at an early age because they've heard tea... Read More »

What Is the Difference Between Nominal & Ordinal Data?

Nominal and ordinal data are two of the major four types of data: They're different ways to classify and express information. Each type tells you different information about what you're trying to m... Read More »

How to Collapse Ordinal Data in SPSS?

Ordinal data is a level of measurement with an implied ranking but no distinction to the magnitude between levels. Collapsing ordinal data can increase the interpretability of your results and anal... Read More »