How to Determine the Length of a Serpentine Belt?

Answer While most auto parts stores can order you the right serpentine belt based on your make and model of car, they don't always get the right part for you. This is especially true if your car has been ... Read More »

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How to Determine Serpentine Belt Size?

The serpentine belt is like a large rubber band located inside the hood of your car. It loops around several components of your car such as the A/C compressor, idler pulley, power steering pump, cr... Read More »

How to Install a New Belt Tensioner With Pulley for Serpentine Belt on Plymouth Voyager V6 Mid 1990 Early 2000 Years?

Typical serpentine belt...Over time, the "spring in the tensioner" wears out, weakens and the serpentine belt wears, stretches and may slip; it may come off in rain or in water puddles or may cause... Read More »

How to Determine Ski Length?

Many factors go into choosing the right ski length, including your height, your weight, your competency level and the terrain on which you will be skiing. Some of it also comes down to personal pre... Read More »

How do I determine rafter length?

Determine Rise and Run of the RoofDetermine rafter pitch by taking two numbers which you should have already; rafter height and width of the room or house. Take the height (rise) and half the width... Read More »