How to Determine the Cause of a Motorcycle Chain Failure?

Answer Motorcycle chains are designed to withstand great force and exposure to all types of weather. Unfortunately, sturdy though they may be, motorcycle chains do not last forever. A motorcycle chain fai... Read More »

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How to Determine the Thickness of a Rope Chain?

When a rope chain is worn as bling, whether it's silver, gold, platinum, or stainless steel, you might wonder just how thick the chain is. Measuring the thickness of a rope chain uses the same proc... Read More »

How do I determine the length of chain for a chainsaw?

Count the Drive LinksCount the number of drive links on the chain. The drive links run across the slot in the bar and are on the inner circle of the chain. This number tells you the length of the c... Read More »

How to Fit a Motorcycle Chain?

If you notice signs of wear in your motorcycle chain such as rust, stretching and kinks, it might be time to fit a new one. Many riders think you need a licensed mechanic for this job. However, wit... Read More »

How do I determine chainsaw chain size for a Stihl?

Measure the BarMeasure the bar, with a tape measure, from the tip to the point it intersects with the body. Round up all measurements. For example, if you're bar measures 23 and 2/3 inches this wil... Read More »