How to Determine the Cash Value of Life Insurance?

Answer Life insurance cash value refers the amount of money accumulated in an insurance policy based on premium payments and earnings. The cash value is payable to the insurance policy owner if the policy... Read More »

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Life Insurance: Face Value vs. Cash Value?

Cash value life insurance is permanent insurance. It pays a death benefit no matter how long you live, provided you keep the policy in force. Life insurance is unique among forms of insurance, in t... Read More »

How do I calculate life insurance cash value?

The Easy WayFind your policy paperwork. It will include an amortization chart of your life insurance policy, including death benefit, paid-up value and cash value. Find the current year. If your pr... Read More »

What is cash surrender value for life insurance?

Insurance policies can have a cash value that a policyholder can access before the term of the contract. This cash value or cash surrender value may be obtained upon termination of cancellation of ... Read More »

Is the cash surrender value of life insurance taxable?

Life insurance cash surrender value is not taxable as long as the amount you withdraw is equal to or less than the amount you have paid in premiums, minus the value of previous withdrawals and divi... Read More »