How to Determine the Bending Moment of a Beam?

Answer A beam's bending moment describes its relative ability to withstand bending forces. Manufacturers often refer to this value as the beam's moment of inertia, even though that phrase more commonly de... Read More »

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What is the Difference Between a Solid Beam & a Twisted Beam Axle?

The solid beam axle has been used since man has connected two wheels together. It was the original axle in the automobile. The twisted beam axle, also know as independent rear wheel axle, allows mo... Read More »

The Difference Between a Triple Beam Balance & Double Beam Balance?

Both the triple beam balance and double beam balance are used to measure the weight of an object, and are commonly used in the classroom to teach students the basics in mass and weight of objects. ... Read More »

What is the key to air bending?

I also want to learn how to bend but it is obviously imposibleCompletely impossible I'm so sorry. :) Wrong. It all has to do with chi. to learn, go to, or http:/... Read More »

How to Draw Someone Bending Over?

Figure drawing can be daunting to attempt at times, and poses where the body is somehow twisted, bent or contracted can be the most difficult. One way to combat this, however, is by first making a ... Read More »