How to Determine if the Heads Are Cracked on a Motor?

Answer A crack in the cylinder head can lead to extensive engine problems. Various issues can result from a cracked cylinder head -- usually coolant, oil and vacuum leaks. Diagnosing these issues immediat... Read More »

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How to Determine Sprinkler Heads Per Zone?

Measuring how much water you have to work with is the first step in designing any automated irrigation system. The available pressure and flow will guide you through the design process of laying ou... Read More »

What Engine Problems Would I Have With Cracked Engine Heads?

An engine block, sometimes mistakenly called an "engine head" (most likely after "cylinder head"), are a vital part to any functioning engine. A cracked engine block occurs when a point in the soli... Read More »

How to Determine the Horsepower of a Small Motor?

Horsepower is a measure of the rate of work, or work produced over time. One horsepower is defined as the work done to lift 33,000 lbs. 1 ft. in 1 minute, or 550 lbs. 1 ft. in 1 second. This is als... Read More »

How to Determine Trolling Motor Shaft Length?

Using the right shaft length will allow your trolling motor to operate safely and efficiently. If the shaft is too short, the propeller may not be completely underwater, and your boat will have le... Read More »